Oportet Christum Regnare - Issue 7 - Fall 2015

  • Oportet Christum Regnare - Issue 7 - Fall 2015
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Oportet Christum Regnare - Issue 7 - Fall 2015

The Magisterium against the modern errors – Abp. Lefebvre on the visibility of the Church – Hugh Akins on making no study of the papal pronouncements one of the biggest failures of modern-day Catholics – Mystery of Bl. Trinity – Jesus Christ, King of all nations – Holy Spirit, Intercessor, Consoler, Teacher – Bl. Virgin, glorious intermediary – She is our Queen – Mystical Body, the Church – Priesthood and Papacy – Scripture, Tradition – Faith and reason – Holy Sacrifice/Holy Eucharist – Sacred Heart – Baptism, Penance, Confirmation – Holy Matrimony – Christian Education of youth – Psychotherapy and religion – Christian constitution of states – secular vs Christian democracy – right relationship Church and State – liberty, true and false – liberalism, liberty of self-ruin – liberty of conscience – modernism – impious and weak clergy – religious indifferentism – false ecumenism – abortion and evolutionism – separation of Church and State – Americanism – peril of socialism – evil of communism – harmful excesses of capitalism – financial domination – countering Freemasonry – Jews raging against Christ – modern conspiracies of evil men – dawning New World Order – slavery condemned – idolatry of race or nation – evils of the godless school - plague of secularism – materialism – false prudence – Reordering Christian life through Ignatian Retreat – restoring all things in Christ – precept of charity – true dignity of man – right to private property – just wage for fathers of families – necessity of prayer – prayer and penance – reparation to Sacred Heart – Mary, mightiest help of Christians – Rosary, the most powerful weapon – true Christian unity - The father of the Christian home – Vigilance for Christian youth – The Church and resistance to tyranny – Catholics should know their faith – Restoring the Reign of Christ – The duty of bishops and pastors – The laity too are called to apostolate – Catholic Action more urgent than ever – Catholic Action and the clergy – Vocations from Catholic Action.

Oportet Christum Regnare

 …every issue of which is filled to capacity with information that is vital to keeping the

Faith and keeping alive the Fight for the Faith.”  – Bishop Richard Williamson, 2016


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Joining forces and wielding this powerful new weapon of Catholic Truth and Catholic Combat, let us put forth our bravest effort to reclaim the SSPX , Holy Church, America and the world – for Christ the King.

League of Christ the King

Canonically commissioned Catholic Action auxiliary of the SSPX Resistance

Father Francois Chazal, League Chaplain

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