Freemasonry and the Anti-Christian Movement

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Freemasonry and the Anti-Christian Movement

Rev. E. Cahill, S.J. Summary

Eminent founder of the League of the Kingship of Christ in Dublin in 1926 and close associate of Fr. Denis Fahey, the author has here produced one of the best commentaries on Freemasonry ever authored.  And he goes right for the heart and soul of Anti-christian Freemasonry, unlike most other so-called “experts”: Jews reigning at the Lodge’s highest echelons and innermost circles; B’nai B’rith dominates Freemasonry; the “startling accuracy” of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion which admit to Jewish origin and control over the Craft; Papal condemnations; Masonic agenda carried out through Jewish Money Power; the means of combating Freemasonry, and much more.  A classic of counterrevolutionary literature.

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