Open Letter to Confused Catholics

  • Open Letter to Confused Catholics
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Open Letter to Confused Catholics

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, 1986

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, presents, in this major study, the modern crisis in Catholic belief and practice in terms every Catholic can understand. In sections on the Mass and the sacraments, the priesthood and the new priests, on the importance of Latin, on heretical ecumenism and religious liberty, on the meaning and importance of Catholic Tradition, on the marriage of the Church and the Revolution, on true and false obedience, on the question of schism, on rebuilding the Church versus pulling it down, on Communism and Freemasonry, on why sedevacantists go too far, on no salvation outside the Church and Baptism of Desire, on the invalidity and sacrilege of the New Mass, on Protestantism inside the Church, on Satan’s Final Battle, and much else besides, this great churchman acclaimed by 3 popes as an outstanding missionary, gives numerous examples to support his underlying thesis: that the Second Vatican Council was used by the Church’s enemies as their opportunity to confuse the faithful, subvert their faith, and pirate the Catholic Church into the stormy high seas of heresy and apostasy. This book, one of the best primers on the crisis of Faith resulting from the pastoral (not dogmatic) Council of Vatican II, also compliments the archbishop’s later work They Have Uncrowned Him.

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