The Iron Curtain Over America

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The Iron Curtain Over America

Col. John Beaty

Years of service with Military Intelligence has given the author a profound understanding of the central role played by subversive Judaism in the bloody and totally avoidable wars the US is perpetually dragged into, wars that are always detrimental to America's best interest, which drain American taxpayers' of billions of dollars, which undermine our economy, cost millions of lives, destroy entire nations, worsen the world's refugee crisis, and in the process systematically undermine the Christian nations, as these wars were intended to do.  They are wars too that always end up greatly strengthening the hand of World Jewry.

Col. Beaty's book has been recommended by important men in positions of authority who've seen for themselves the ugly truths disclosed in its pages:  they include Lt. Gen. George Stratemeyer, US Air Force; Lt. Gen. Edward Almond, US Army; Vice Admiral T. Settle, US Navy; and Lt. Gen. P. Del Valle, US Marine Corps.

Iron Curtain Over America shows President Wilson and WWI in the light of the Zionist Conspiracy; the treason of Pres. Truman in granting the terror-state of Israel immediate official US recognition and strategic aid to solidify its brutal tyranny and war regime; Pres. Eisenhower as another Zionist puppet; Israel's appalling mass atrocities against Christians and Arabs in Palestine - and lots more.

The following quote was taken from a lecture given in 1997 by Hugh Akins, author of Synagogue Rising:
“Col. Beaty is yet another of those few great Christian patriots and unsung heroes to have issued a most urgent warning about the immense and immediate threat posed by Zionist Judaism, twin sister of Soviet Communism and offspring of the same Synagogue of Satan. Though penned more than half a century ago, Iron Curtain Over America remains today a relevant alarm over the insidious forces of antichristian Judaism and its clandestine program aimed at the communization of the United States and the world, which realization we are more and more coming to see in our day. I urge a widespread reading of Col. Beaty's book.”

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