They Have Uncrowned Him

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They Have Uncrowned Him

From Liberalism to Apostacy – The Conciliar Tragedy

Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, 1988

“The AIDS which is destroying the defense of the Church from within, has a name: Liberalism…the fruit that the Devil presents to the modern world to deceive it, is liberty.” Not only has the entire West been seduced by this forbidden and poisonous fruit of liberty, but a large part of the Church, including no small part of the Traditional Movement. His Grace shows how liberalism has led to apostasy. Excellent chapters on the origins of liberalism, Christ dethroned by modern liberalism, religious liberty condemned by the popes, the Masonic blueprint for the overthrow of Church and State, Vatican II the anti-Magisterial Council, how to rebuild the Catholic City. Israel attacked the archbishop for voicing such “anti-Semitic” – i.e. integrally Catholic, Magisterial and Counterrevolutionary – views as the ones featured in this excellent work by this extraordinary bishop.

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