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The Horn of the Unicorn
A Mosaic of the Life of
Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

Dr. David Allen White

“The current volume is my vision of the life of a prelate at the center of so many controversies that have defined the modern Church… Even a dozen years after his death, Archbishop Lefebvre remains a figure who inspires devotion and dread… I simply set out to tell the story of a man I admired.  The end result conveys that story from my point of view as accurately as I could relate it.  One of the astonishing features of the Catholic Church is that she does produce saints.  She will ultimately decide this question.  But allow me to share a comment made to me once by the late Father Malachi Martin, ‘Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer are the two great saints of the modern Church.  Once this catastrophe ends they will be instantly canonized’” --- Dr. David Allen White.

Many times over the years the good Doctor has shown his own “true grit” in upholding and defending the True Faith and Sacred Traditions, but perhaps more so in his latter years in going up against all the modern-day Pharisees in the Church and in the world, and even within the Traditional Catholic Movement and once-steadfast Society of St. Pius X (which have clearly lost their way).  This he has done by staying the course as loyalist of the Catholic Resistance, when most other leading traditionalists have defected, preferring the much more expedient path of least resistance, and by going the extra distance in writing his forthcoming biography of the greatest Resistance champion since Archbishop Lefebvre himself.  It too is a book that needed writing, and none could have answered the challenge with the competence and eloquence of Dr. White.

More and more souls are responding to God’s grace by waking up to the realization that the Catholic world owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop Williamson, but Dr. White too has also made some significant contributions to the cause of rebuilding the devastated City of God in these tumultuous end times.

While we wait with great expectation for the Bishop Williamson biography, we strongly recommend a reading, or re-reading, of Dr. White’s The Horn of the Unicorn

Hugh Akins, Editor Oportet Christum Regnare

Dr. David Allen White is a long-time and most distinguished traditional Catholic speaker and writer. A native of Eau Claire, Wisconsin and currently residing in Virginia, he graduated summa cum laude from the University of Minnesota in 1971, earned his M.A. from the University of Wisconsin and his Ph.D. from Indiana University. He has taught at Temple University and the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, then went on for 26 years to teach as a Professor of English at the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis.

Additionally, Dr. White is the editor of Shakespeare A to Z, a Shakespeare encyclopedia, and the author of the tremendously popular biography of Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer, The Mouth of the Lion. He is presently working on a biography of Bishop Richard Williamson, entitled "Voice of the Trumpet, A Life of Bishop Richard Williamson in Four Movements: An Unfinished Symphony" (see exclusive preview of this forthcoming work in Oportet Christum Regnare – Christ Must Reign, Winter 2017-18 issue #16. Voice of the Trumpet will also be distributed by Catholic Action Resource Center and the League of Christ the King. Watch for the announcement in the pages of Oportet and at the website

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