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The Impossible Reconciliation

Documents of Operation Suicide of Bishop Fellay, 2000-2013

Father Olivier Rioult, SSPX

From 1965 to 1970 a terrible crisis enveloped the Church.  It was necessary to choose between faithfulness to the Catholic Church of all time or obedience to Conciliar Rome, destroyer of Tradition.  The choice made by two bishops, numerous priests, and thousands of faithful led to the foundation of the International Priestly Society of Saint Piux X (SSPX), as well as a number of religious communities.  A half-century later, a similar crisis is shaking the SSPX.  Once again, bishops, priests, religious men and women, and laity are faced with a choice ...

  • Unconditional faithfulness to the Church of all time in exile and disgrace in the eyes of the world, or
  • The tortuous and ambiguous path of “reconciliation” with the Conciliarist sect, that leads slowly but surely towards the syncretic religion of the Assisi Pantheon.

Clandestine groups like GREC have worked ardently for a dozen years for this plan, which is essentially pluralistic and anti-Magisterial.  The SSPX General House in Menzigen Switzerland and the current Superior General Bishop Bernard Fellay have maintained notorious, often secret negotiations and endeavored to lull the vigilant to sleep under the deception of obedience and trust.

But the results are clearly visible.  From now on, the Traditional Movement has been divided into two opposing camps: liberals and anti-liberals.  On the one side Bp. Fellay and his neo-SSPX; on the other side Bp. Williamson, the Resistance Fathers, and the established principles and guiding spirit of the Society’s founder Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.  Those whose eyes are open and who want to look reality in the face will find this book, The Impossible Reconciliation – Documents on Operation Suicide of Bishop Fellay, to be extremely useful.

These are evil times.  The situation is grave.  Whether we want to or not, each of us must choose sides.  By refusing to take sides, we have already made our choice – in favor of this impossible reconciliation and against unconditional faithfulness.

In this vitally important new book, Father Rioult sets forth a collection of documents and facts on the current crisis situation.  He presents these numerous texts, often little known or unknown because, unfortunately for the good of the Church, the disinformation is being deliberately maintained – through fear, ignorance, confusion, negligence, deception, a false prudence or false obedience – by authorities in the Society, who seem to have forfeited the no-compromise spirit of its holy founder.

SHOCKING AND SCANDALOUS STATEMENTS OF BP. FELLAY: “The entire Tradition of the Catholic Faith must be the criterion and guide for understanding the teachings of Vatican Council II which Council in turn clarifies – i.e., deepens and makes more explicit over time – certain aspects of the life and doctrine of the Church...” – Doctrinal Declaration of April 15, 2012    “Rome’s knowledge and skill are very great regarding concrete actions and on ways to resolve problems.  Therefore, the Vatican is capable of finding the right formula.” – Interview  30 Giorni of Aug, 9, 2000

It would not be necessary to point out the errors in the new Mass;” – Ibid.   “We declare that we acknowledge the validity of the Sacrifice of the Mass and of the Sacraments when celebrated with the intention of doing what the Church does according to the rites indicated in the typical editions of the Roman Missal and of the Rituals of the Sacraments legitimately promulgated by Popes Paul VI and John Paul II.” – Text of the Doctrinal Declaration, April 15, 2012.  “To accept the Council is not a problem for us…we go along with 95% of it.” – Interview La Liberte’ May 11, 2001; reproduced in DICI, no. 8.

THE NO-COMPROMISE CATHOLIC/ANTI-LIBERAL POSITION:  “Vatican II, ruinous as it has been for the Catholic Church and for the whole of Christian civilization, was not guided by the Holy Ghost…It is imperative, therefore, to shatter the myths which have been built up around Vatican II – this Council which they wanted to make a pastoral one, because of their instinctive horror for dogma, to facilitate the introduction of liberal ideas into an official text of the Church…Gradually one’s eyes are opened to behold an astounding conspiracy prepared long beforehand.” – Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, I Accuse the Council.  “Inasmuch as the Pope, the bishops, priests and faithful adhere to this new Church, they separate themselves from the Catholic Church.” – Abp. Lefebvre, June 1976 Declaration.  “We must not be under any illusions.  We are in the thick of a great fight…” – Abp. Lefebvre, Sept. 9, 1988, Fideliter No. 68 Nov.-Dec. 1988.  That “[w]e would have to re-enter this Conciliar Church in order supposedly to make it Catholic – THAT IS A COMPLETE ILLUSION.” – Abp. Lefebvre, Interview, Fideliter, July-Aug. 1989.

“[W]hoever studies these ten paragraphs in the original text can only conclude that their author or authors have given up the Archbishop’s fight for Tradition, and have gone over in their minds to Vatican II…Another error is to say that the danger is over because the Declaration has been ‘withdrawn’ by the Superior General.  The Declaration is the poisoned fruit of what has become a liberal mind-set at the top of the Society, and that mind-set has not been recognized, let alone retracted…the problem is less the agreement [with Rome] than the desire of any agreement that will grant to the Society official recognition, and that desire is still very much there.” – Bishop Richard Williamson, SSPX, Open Letter to the Priests of the Society of St. Pius X.

“[T]he SSPX continues to go through the most serious internal crisis…which it has ever known.  This crisis derives from serious failings on the part of Bp. Fellay and his two assistants, in the doctrinal field as well as in the domain of prudence.  This is the main cause of the concern of members of the Society.” – Fr. Juan Carlos Ortiz, SSPX, Declaration of 9 Dec. 2012.  “Society authorities want to justify the abandonment of the resolution of the General Chapter of 2006 (“No practical agreement without conversion of Rome”), by saying that the situation is not the same today…We are being asked no less than to accept what Archbishop Lefebvre termed ‘Operation Suicide.’…The only condition that mattered, the conversion of Rome, was abandoned.” – Fr. Patrick Girouard, SSPX, Declaration to members of the SSPX, Affiliated Communities and Faithful of Tradition, 28 March 2013.  “The conclusions of the Society’s last General Chapter have only dramatically confirmed our fears…the worst [of the General Chapter’s six conditions] is to be found in the first of the three ‘desirable’ conditions: the decisions of our ecclesiastical tribunals could be overturned by the tribunals of the Conciliar Church…In other words…a real programmed suicide of Tradition! …In any case, it has now become clear that there is now a new attitude towards Rome and its errors on the part of those who now run the SSPX, a new position full of omissions and ready to make very serious compromises…” – Fr. Hugo Ruiz Vallejo, SSPX, An Open Letter to the Faithful of Mexico City, March 22, 2013.

“2012 marked the end of the Old-SSPX unity in the Doctrine of the Faith, which it replaced with a new unity found in the Person of its Superior general…2012 was the first year of visible division within the ranks of the SSPX.  It was the year of division even among our four Bishops…The most grave sign of this division was the expulsion of Bishop Williamson, and the sidelining of Bishop Tissier, now in unofficial ‘exile’ in Chicago…it was the year of refusals of ordinations, refusals of Communion, expulsion of priests, new declarations, tghreats to the faithful, confusion in the souls of some, fear in the souls of many, and a sorrow in the hearts of all who love the work of the holy Archbishop Lefebvre…2012 marked the year when the pulpits of the SSPX were turned into organs of dissemination of a party line, which calls for the faithful to do no more than to [blindly] trust and obey the Superiors…” – Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer, SSPX, Letter to Friends and Benefactors for the New Year 2013.

Bp. Fellay and the communications staff of the General House lied in the past, and they lied again recently in their communiqué; why should we believe they will stop doing so in the future?  This scandal and this masquerade have gone on too long.” – Fr. Olivier Rioult SSPX, post on the website La Sapiniere.  “After so many contradictory and harmful comments, how can you still pretend to rule?  Who harmed the authority of the General Superior, if it wasn’t yourself and your Assistants?…Your Excellency, you have the duty in justice to tell the truth, to repair the lies and to retract the errors.  Do it, and everything will be back to normal again.” – Open Letter to Bp. Fellay from Thirty-Seven French Priests, Feb. 28, 2012.

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