Understanding the Jews, Understanding Anti-Semitism

  • Understanding the Jews, Understanding Anti-Semitism
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Understanding the Jews, Understanding Anti-Semitism

by Herve’ Ryssen

Translated by Carlos Porter

Marian Corps Edition, Cebu City, Philippines

Herve’ Ryssen is one of the leading authorities on the Jews, on the Jewish Question and on the Jewish Threat. This little book of a mere 146 pages is a summary of six 400-page books Ryssen authored between 2005 and 2010. They are indispensable to an understanding of the contemporary world, the trend of world history, the perils faced by all nations and humanity as a whole from one common and powerful enemy.

The author has been persecuted in his native France for attempting to tell the truth about Judaism behind the façade. Understanding the Jews is filled to the brim with vital information to get a good grasp of the mind, mission and antichristian mania of modern-day Jewry. Here is a sampling of what is contained in this compact but explosive little book:

  • Marxist Jews who form the ruling elite in Western countries are fanatically militant for atheism;
  • Jews maintain an extreme attachment to Israel while pretending to integrate among non-Jewish peoples;
  • Many Jews like Kirk Demsky (actor Kirk Douglas) change their identities to more deeply entrench themselves in “Christian” societies;
  • Jews exhibit an extraordinary solidarity with fellow Jews; oftentimes heaping exaggerated praise upon their own kind – “brilliant,” “genius,” “incomparable.”
  • The “ghetto” is historically a Jewish, not Christian, invention;
  • The Jewish people collectively consider themselves the bearers of a grandiose project governing the whole of humanity;
  • “Peace” to the Jew (“Shalom”), especially Jewish intellectuals, is essentially a universalist political project aimed at the elimination of all borders (all nation states) and establishment of a messianic World Government controlled by them;
  • Contrary to Christianity or Islam, the Jews do not intend to convert others to Judaism; rather, they intend simply to persuade them to renounce their religion [as Catholics did under Jewish influence at Vatican II), their race, their identity, their family and all their traditions, in the name of “Humanity,” and “Human Rights” (mission accomplished via the modern errors which Jews strongly promoted). This Global Empire they envision and strive for can only be built upon the ruin of Christian civilization (which they have been laboring towards for centuries);
  • The Jewish Messianic “Waiting for God” (their long-awaited Messiah to come in the person of the Antichrist) and which is expected to re-establish “the kingdom of David,” is the driving force of Judaism;
  • Jewish worldwide cinema is also characterized by anti-Christian messages. In television or at the cinema, Christians, and Catholics in particular, are most often depicted as bigots, narrow-minded and intolerant, even rapists and murderers. The Catholic clergy is regularly depicted as a haven for sadists and perverts of all stripes;
  • Among Jewish American directors, anti-Christian hatred is expressed in the same manner – in hundreds of movies… In the film The Shawshank Redemption (1994), the prison warden turns out to be the real villain; at the same time, of course, he is a very pious Christian… The film Hair (1979) contains a sacrilegious scene set in a church; a group of long-haired hippies, high on acid, transform a marriage ceremony into a Black Mass, complete with ecstatic dancers, as if they were all possessed by the Devil. In actual fact, however, these contortions resemble the ceremonies of Hassidic Jews… In the film Matrix (1999) the only resistance to the evil tyranny of the machines is Zion;
  • The inventor of “gore” cinema (“horror porn”) was a certain Jew Herschell Gordon Lewis, who became well-known in 1963 by revolutionizing the horror film industry with his film Blood Feast;
  • Anti-Semitism is quite useful since it tightens the ranks of the supposed persecuted Jewish community (they are the real persecutors);
  • Judaism is the illness which psychoanalysis set out to cure. Or in three words: Jews=incest= hysteria;
  • Ryssen’s book also highlights the truth about Einstein, George Soros, The Protocols of Zion, Wall Street kingpin Steven Cohen, Putin cleaning house in Russia, Zionism, the jewish lobby, the Jewish Mafia, neo-conservatives, Elie Wiesel, Israel and organ trafficking, endless Holocaust propaganda, Judaism and the planned destruction of the traditional family, Jews and pornography, Solzhenitsyn on the Jews;
  • All these incessant campaigns – slavery, colonialism, the looting of the Third World, global warming, Auschwitz, etc. – have one object – and one object only – and that is to bring about the advent of World Government.

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