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Dear Paul, it really pains me to send this letter, but you have gone much too far in covering up Trump’s massive acts of treason and crimes against humanity for me to remain silent any longer.


Dear Editor,


I must say I am really surprised AFP has not been put out of business by now.  IT INSULTS ITS READERS’ INTELLIGENCE AND INTEGRITY by insisting that it is STILL an independent, populist and ANTI-New World Order periodical.  It’s NOT POSSIBLE to be anti-NWO at the same time PRO-DONALD TRUMP, any more than to be pro-Joe Biden or pro-Barack Obama.  Not at all possible; not if we open our eyes to reality and use the brains God has given us. 


I find it hard to believe your readership is not RISING UP EN MASSE against this radical change in course, which I know you deny, but which is TOO OBVIOUS for all not to see.  This INSANE support of Trump is a TOTAL BETRAYAL of everything AFP claims to represent.  It makes thinking men wonder, in all seriousness, if AFP has been INFILTRATED.


Has it? 


Of course there’s a world of difference between grassroots/main street Republicans and Democrats, but NO DIFFERENCE TO SPEAK OF BETWEEN ESTABLISHMENT ELITES OF THE LEFT OR RIGHT.  It is in this that AFP is appallingly deceiving its subscribers.


Certainly the MASSES are poles apart, but the ELITES OF BOTH PARTIES ARE OF ONE MIND AND LONG-RANGE GOAL, even those that speak as conservatives/populists/patriots/pro lifers and employ slightly differing strategies of action.  Whether Republicans or Democrats are in power, however, the Elders of Zion ALWAYS win, ALWAYS gain more control, and ALWAYS push us deeper into the dark abyss of their New World Order.  I stressed this point in my 2012 book, Synagogue Rising, which several hundred AFP subscribers read.  Nothing has changed since then, except that it’s become EVEN MORE GLARINGLY OBVIOUS that the Talmudic/Khazarian/Zionist Left-Right Deep State has gained even MORE control over America and the West.  Trump can TALK all he wants as a populist, but his ACTIONS are the TOTAL OPPOSITE.  He is clearly a conscious agent of the SAME Zionist-controlled DC Swamp and Wall Street Oligarchy he pledged to drain and overthrow.  And yet you have fallen for all the lying propaganda, disinformation and deception that Trump’s 4 years in office steered us in a DIFFERENT DIRECTION than Clinton, Bush, Obama, etc.  The rhetoric was different, yes, clearly, as was the grass-roots voting constituency, but the overriding SECRET AGENDA was ever ONE AND THE SAME AS THE LEFT, one and the same that was long ago mapped out by the HIDDEN HAND OF ZION.


Your readers should KNOW this.  YOU should know this.   It’s a fundamental tenet of what I THOUGHT was our common cause.  Obviously I was wrong.  Your recent pro-Trump articles and editorials indeed betray a very profound and most bizarre turnaround.


Socialists Clinton, Obama and Biden NEVER drove the USA as far to the LEFT as have “conservatives” Nixon, Bush and Trump; Nixon with his treasonous Vietnam War and China policy, which led to a communist victory and escalated bloodbath in SE Asia and to that murderous regime in Beijing becoming a World Threat Superpower; Bush with his treasonous part in 9/11, fake War on Terror and the imposition of his totalitarian homeland security apparatus; and TRUMP with his treasonous all-for-Israel domestic agenda and genocidal foreign wars, fake pandemic and totalitarian lockdown. 


As I proved citing a number of irrefutable facts in my 2020 book, “DONALD TRUMP: AMERICA’S LAST CONSERVATIVE HOPE OR ULTRA-ZIONIST PSYCHOPATH,” Trump is neither pro-life nor anti-Deep State, but just another Big Government socialist (who literally OUT-SPENT socialist Obama), Jewish Mafia/Wall Street puppet and warmongering Zionist lunatic.  The US never had a MORE AGGRESSIVELY MANIC ZIONIST PRESIDENT, AND MORE USEFUL PAWN OF THE ANTICHRIST AND THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN, than your hero Trump.  If your readers cannot see the obvious, they know NOTHING about today’s politics.  And if your publication has sank so low as to call evil good, WHICH IS AN IMMENSE EVIL IN ITSELF, you DESERVE to have your subscribers withdraw their support.   


It is with a heavy heart that you’ve forced me to say these things, as I’ve supported The Spotlight long before it became AFP, but it is becoming far too evident that AFP HAS SOLD ITS SOUL TO THE ENEMY. Yes, Trump is the enemy, MORE SO than ultra-leftists Clinton, Obama, Biden, for THEY are mere liberal wolves, whereas HE, Trump, is the MORE THREATENING “CONSERVATIVE” PREDATOR WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING.  There have been signs of this AFP sellout now and then over the years, but none like this past year with all the PRO-TRUMP DISINFORMATION that’s been degrading your paper and leading your readers astray.  But even now it may not be too late to restore AFP’s hard-earned reputation, but you must IMMEDIATELY (1) PUBLICLY REPUDIATE THIS MADNESS OF FINDING FAVOR WITH THE ZIONIST PSYCHOPATH TRUMP, (2) PUBLICLY APOLOGIZE TO YOUR SUPPORTERS FOR THESE EDITORIAL INDISCRETIONS, AND (3) BEGIN SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT.  


As I have for many years, and now deeply regret, having strongly promoted AFP among my own readers and supporters, I NOW have the obligation to issue an urgent alert AGAINST it, unless you immediately and completely get back on track.  Perhaps the good souls who heed this warning will in turn pressure the editors to promptly come back to the sanity and integrity of past years.  I pray for this, for your sake as well as everyone else. 


God bless,

Hugh Akins


Posted by Hugh Akins

National Director, Catholic Action Resource Center

Founding President, League of Christ the King

Editor/Publisher, Oportet Christum Regnare

Active supporter of the SSPX Resistance

Post Office Box 678047 + Orlando, Florida 32867 USA