About the Author

Hugh Akins is a Traditional Catholic author, speaker and activist whose published writings and live and recorded talks have reached tens of thousands of Catholics in America, Europe, Australia and even India, and whose multifaceted apostolate, now approaching its fifth decade, has been enthusiastically praised and supported by some of the most distinguished leaders of the post-Vatican II Resistance and Restoration and of the corresponding fight for America and Christian civilization.  These include such luminaries of the present or recent past as Abp. Marcel Lefebvre, Hamish Fraser, Yves Dupont, Don McClean, Fr. Hector Bolduc, Fr. Frederick Nelson, Fr. Nicholas Gruner, Dr. E. Merrill Root, Taylor Caldwell, Deirdre Manifold, Congressman John Rarick, Bp. Richard Williamson, Dr. William Marra, Fr. Peter Scott, Fr. John O’Connor, Fr. Malachi Martin, Michael Davies, Abbe Georges de Nantes, Solange Hertz, Dr. Thomas Droleskey, Alex D’Adessa, and many others, including no fewer than 5 superiors of the Society of St. Pius X.

      Some of his best-selling books have gone through multiple printings, one of them now in its 8th and another its 20th printing.  A partial listing would include:  In Defense of the Faith; Sacrilege According to St. Thomas Aquinas – A Critical Look at the New Mass; Catholic Action – High Mission of the Church Militant; The Mystery of Iniquity in the 20th Century; Antichrist and the Apocalyptic Storm Approaching; The Talmud and the Secret Plan for World Totalitarianism; Garcia Moreno – Model of Statesmen, Martyr of the Sacred Heart; Christian Order and the Modern World; Archbishop Lefebvre – the Consecration of Bishops and the Question of Schism; The Role of the Laity in the Fight for Catholic Tradition; The Reign of Christ and the Revolt of Nations; Soldiers and the Usurpers later re-titled The Stern Committee Findings (an unpublished work of Catholic fiction on the treasonous politics behind the Vietnam War, of which Mr. Akins is a decorated combat veteran); Christ of All Nations; Fatima and the Fate of Mankind; Caesaropapism and the Americanist Heresy; With Jesus on Retreat; The Enthronement of the Sacred Heart and the Recovery of Christendom; No King But Caesar; Yuma (very popular Catholic fiction on the struggle between Faith and Power for the soul of America, circa 1866); Modern Wars in the Light of Catholic Teaching; and his latest work, the blockbuster of nearly 800 pages, Synagogue Rising – a Catholic Worldview of Antichristian Judaism and Counterrevolutionary Resistance.

      In Defense of the Faith, which he co-authored in 1974 with a SSPX seminarian studying at Econe and ordained shortly afterwards, is said to be the first book in the English-speaking world to anticipate the vital future role to be played in the Catholic Restoration by His Grace Abp. Marcel Lefebvre.  The “Catholic Action for Christ the King” study and action program that he created, primarily based on the Papal Encyclicals and the Church’s Social Doctrine and Counterrevolutionary Militancy, has been put to use by pastors and small bands of lay apostles from coast to coast.  The literature and magazine which he produced under the banner of the League of Christ the King inspired one priest in India to convert to Catholic Tradition and organize 100 young men in his country to work towards the same objectives in India – defending the Rights of God and reestablishing the public Reign of Jesus Christ along with the Blessed Virgin Mary as Queen. 

      Today, in addition to overseeing a nationwide traditional Catholic Prison Ministry which sponsors numerous corporal and especially spiritual works of mercy to more than 500 Catholic and Christian inmates, and providing personalized direction to more than 219 Catholic Action groups worldwide via conference calls, emails, letters, study and  instruction programs, books, encyclicals, etc., Hugh Akins, who insists he is nothing more than a simple though loyal soldier of Christ, serves as National Director of the Catholic Action Resource Center, as founding President of the League of Christ the King, and as editor/publisher of Oportet Christum Regnare (Christ Must Reign).  Both magazine and organization have been placed since 2012 at the service of the loyal Bishops and Priests of the Society of St. Pius X Resistance.  A supporter of the SSPX since its inception, Hugh Akins continues that same support today by (a) opposing the liberalization of Bishop Fellay’s neo-SSPX; (b) by defending Bishops Williamson, Faure and Aquinas who have held firm in the same fight for the Faith and in the same uncompromising spirit of St. Pius V, Bl. Pius IX, St. Pius X and Abp. Lefebvre; (c) by opposing the unorthodox and divisive rigorism of groups like the SSPX-Marian Corps that have recently fallen into an unfortunate extremism; and (d) by carrying on the broader struggle for the Kingship of Christ, the exaltation of His Mystical Body and triumphant reign of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and against the manifold encroachments of the Synagogue of Satan in its most deadly manifestations and fronts.