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Catholic Action Resource Center

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Society of St. Pius X Resistance, Catholic Action Auxiliary

Integrally and uncompromisingly based on Papal and Magisterial teaching, this newly revamped and consolidated four-in-one website is for the Catholic who would do his/her part in restoring the Reign of Christ in the world rather than wasting precious time lamenting how bad things have become, the inevitable bitter consequence of the modern world and modern Church’s dethronement of Christ.

Soldiering on for the triumphant universal reign of Jesus through Mary, we hold to a Traditional, Militant and Counterrevolutionary Catholic worldview which stresses the urgency of countering liberalism, the modern apostasy and the Judaic-Masonic War against the Mystical Body of Christ by organizing under Catholic Action, which the Church makes binding on every baptized and confirmed Catholic, as the preeminent and most powerful means for defending the Rights of God and reestablishing His public and universal Reign.

This Traditional Catholic apostolate, which has been spearheading the revival of Catholic Action in North America since 1969 and has been endorsed and supported by some of the most eminent leaders of the Catholic Resistance, including His Grace Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre himself, is sustained entirely by book, magazine and CD sales and donations.  If you agree with us and recognize the urgency of this cause and the importance of our work, please support us with your most generous assistance.  And be sure to tell others about this website and apostolate.

Booksellers, email us for special Trade discounts: hughakins@comcast.net

Thank you.

In Jesus our King and Mary our Queen,

Hugh Akins

National Director, Catholic Action Resource Center

Founding President, League of Christ the King

Editor/Publisher, Oportet Christum Regnare

Active supporter of the SSPX Resistance


League of Christ the King

Post Office Box 678047 + Orlando, Florida 32867 USA

Message From Hugh Akins

Dear Friends, please be advised that none of the titles we publish are offered as pdf e-books. We publish hard-copy print editions only, not electronic ones. And yet we have become aware that there are a number of online entities that are selling our books in pdf electronic format. Let it be known they have NOT been authorized to do so; they are selling our books WITHOUT our permission; in other words, they are STEALING from us, appropriating profits they have no moral or legal right to, in flagrant violation of God’s 7th commandment forbidding theft.

Although Catholic Action Resource Center is predominantly a lay apostolate rather than a profit-based business, the laborious and time-consuming work of researching, writing, editing, formatting, designing, publishing, marketing, packaging, and shipping Catholic books is still our livelihood. It is how we make our living, feed our family, pay our bills – in a word, how we survive, materially speaking. Certainly it is a labor of love before all else, and yet it is no less necessary to be able to cover basic expenses, at the very least. Making things more difficult (we aren’t complaining, mind you), a large part of what we publish is without any financial return whatsoever, such as the 7-volumes of Bishop Williamson’s Rector’s Letters and Eleison Comments’ series. Added to this, there are literally hundreds of books going to needy prison inmates each year, 99% of whom are unable to pay (one single Douay-Rheims Bible alone costs more than $60. In all this, we cover the full costs from our meager income). It goes without saying, then, that without the modest revenue generated from the small number of books that we do profit from (as well as from the generous donations of supporters that recognize the importance of our work), we would not be able to keep this faith-mission going.

Illicit pdf selling of our books could well force us to close up shop.

Therefore, we are asking all our friends not to patronize or in any other way encourage this criminal activity by obtaining, or directing others to obtain, any of these unauthorized e-books from such shady online sources.

Thank you!