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SSPX - A House Divided   Number CCLXVIII (268) 1 September 2012   SIX CONDITIONS   In an official letter of July 18 to Superiors of the Society of St Pius X, its General Secretary revealed the six “Conditions” for any future agreement between the SSPX and Rome. These were hammer..
Catholics as “Enemies of the State” ? The Day is Fast Approaching In October of 2004, President Bush signed into law the Global Anti-Semitism Review Act, another dangerous, totalitarian measure, the main thrust of which was the creation of a special office within the State Department assi..
Sgt. Hugh Akins, Vietnam, 1967-69 ..
Fr. Ringrose’s Letter to Fr. Rostand Concerning Recent Unfavorable Developments in the SSPX The following was read and distributed to parishioners at St. Athanasius Church in Vienna, VA, on Sunday, December 16th     November 9, 2012 Dear Father Rostand, Thank you for your letter ..
Catholic Traditionalists in Conflict A Solution At Last to the SSPX Split? It’s quite possible, if enough sincere souls begin storming Heaven with enough earnest prayers and get behind the broad circulation of this short exhortation.  Here is a simple yet practical and most prudent proposal su..
Bishop Williamson’s Persecution and Trials Bishop Williamson bravely refuses to denounce the truth, no matter the continued persecution against him. That is what a true Catholic bishop is supposed to do, though few can be found today with the necessary courage to take such an uncompromising stand..
Bishop Williamson's Open Letter to SSPX Priests Dear friends: The brilliant, intrepid and ever faithful Bishop Richard Williamson has done it again, guiding minds and souls back to Catholic Truth and Tradition, amidst the vast confusion of superiors, clergy and laity alike. Let each and ever..
Bishop Williamson Speaks About his Expulsion from the SSPX Number CCLXXVI (276) 27 October 2012   MOMENTOUS DECISION   So the exclusion from the Society of St Pius X of one of the four bishops consecrated for its service by Archbishop Lefebvre in 1988 is now official. It ..
Bishop Williamson on the SSPX General Chapter in Switzerland, 2012 Number CCLXXI (271) 22 September 2012   REVERSIBLE DECLARATION   Not everything about the General Chapter of the Society of St Pius X held in Switzerland in July may have been disastrous, but of its two official f..
Open Letter To Bishop Fellay On An “Exclusion”   London, 19 October, 2012   Your Excellency,    Thank you for your letter of October 4 in which, on behalf of the General Council and General Chapter, you let me know of your “recognisan..
SSPX and The Remnant - Now Under Strong Zionist Influence THAT THE SSPX AND THE REMNANT ARE NOW UNDER STRONG ZIONIST INFLUENCE CAN NO LONGER BE DENIED – Posted 12/12/12 by Hugh Akins One-time anti-Zionist Society of St. Pius X (when it was in the far more competent hands of Abp. Lefebvre, Bp. ..
Zionist Undermining of Christian Civilization H. Akins, T. Hollingsworth, Br. N. Kapner FROM HUGH AKINS I not only fully agree with what my friend Tim Hollingsworth says below, but Tim is saying exactly what I have been saying for a good many years concerning how Jews are behind the ent..
Usury: Error, Change or Development? by Fr. Gary Coulter It seems to be in vogue today to find ways to attack the Church, to look for cases in history where it is claimed the Church may have been mistaken in its judgments and teachings. In reality, many of these accusations are greatly tempere..
The Doctrine of Christ The Magisterium Against the Modern Errors By Hugh Akins   "Truth … cannot change from day to day,” Pius XII tells us (Humani Generis).  And Leo XIII adds this to the discussion: "The history of all past ages is witness that the Apostolic See ... has constantly adhe..
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