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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,


I am passing this email along to a number of friends who've asked for information on the legality of refusing the Covid vaccines, exercising our constitutional right to religious/moral exemption. 


The link provided here is one of the best sources I've found for Catholics/Christians/pro-lifers whose company is demanding they get vaccinated or lose their jobs.  A final point added to what I summarized below, which is a strong deterrent against the employer denying such a religious exemption is the fact that they, the employer/company, will be held liable in the event of the forced vaccine either causing the death or severe illness in the employee that was made to get the shot against his will.  Whereas it's true that our totally corrupt/criminal Judeo-Masonic totalitarian legal system does not allow any of the pharma-manufacturers of these death-vaxxes to be held accountable, nor the doctors or hospitals administering them, EMPLOYERS THAT MAKE VACCINES MANDATORY FOR THEIR WORKERS WILL BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR ANY ADVERSE REACTION TO THESE COERCED INJECTIONS.  We have this from the Constitutional lawyer named below.  


Taken as a whole, these are powerful protections against mandatory death-shots.  You have my permission to pass this on to anyone that may benefit from it, using my name if you think it might help.  


Hugh Akins

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Date: 09/26/2021 7:27 AM

Subject: RE: Religious Exemption from Vaccination



Dear XXX, that last link I sent you yesterday from Robert Barnes' own website, seems to me exactly what you're looking for, providing sample letters you can use on your exemption form.  This should save us both spending any more time doing the research for the answers.


In brief, Mr Barnes gives us these 2 powerful points of contention under religious exemptions, to which I have added a concluding statement:


(1) Catholics are forbidden to have anything to do with abortion.  According to Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes, EVERY VACCINE USED IN THE USA WAS TESTED USING ABORTED FETAL CELLS.  Therefore, Catholics are forbidden any and all of these vaccines, even if the vaccine itself contains no trace of such cells from aborted babies.  Having been tested using such fetal cells is reason enough for a Catholic to be fully exempt from taking any of these vaccinations which would violate his conscience.


(2) A second point of religious exemption that would otherwise result in a similar conflict of conscience has to do with the Covid "passport" which many devout Christians would perceive as the Mark of the Beast / Antichrist Totalitarian system of control, which we are also forbidden to accept.   To submit to such a Mark of the Beast would be, to a conscientious Catholic and Christian, to renounce his God, Jesus Christ, Redeemer and King. 


(3) Therefore, according to the aforementioned Constitutional lawyer, Americans have every religious, moral and constitutional right to decline these mandatory vaccinations without consequence or penalty.


I hope these 2 points will help you to best word your entries on the exemption form, as you reqquested.   


God bless.



On 09/26/2021 12:39 AM 


Dear Mr. Hugh Akins,

Thank you very much for your response.  I myself wonder why the company give me only 5 days to complete the request form.  I am overwhelmed with lots of critical information to read for my own research to complete the request form.  Please continue to send me more links as you wish.  You are absolutely right that to warn others about the dangers of vaccines is an act of charity.  You already have helped me much by sending the links and the relevant info.  I am seeking your assistance to complete the request form, but I think that this should be something that I have to do myself, based on the research information you have sent to me.  The company must know my own religious conviction as to why I refuse the COVID-19 vaccinations.  Again thank you very much.

P.S.: I think you have lucid and eloquent writing skills and I consider you are one of the best catholic authors and researchers I have known.  There are good reasons why I have bought many books authored by Hugh Akins.       

Sincerely in Christ the King


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Sent: Saturday, September 25, 2021 4:59 PM
Subject: Re: Religious Exemption from Vaccination


Dear XXX, I would be happy to assist you in filling out this form and will do my very best to do so.  However, five days is not much time for you to submit it to your company.  This is not something I am familiar with.  It will require me to do a great deal of research to provide you with the best possible answer that will make your company understand the perfect legality and constitutionality of your position not to get vaccinated, and that's not to mention the religious exemption and concern for your health aspects, which are all valid arguments.

I will also be forwarding you links for you to research yourself while I too will be researching for you.  As they say, two heads are better than one.

 Let us put this intention in the hands of Our Lord and Our Lady ... all things are possible with them --- even the impossible.

 Will be in touch.

 God bless.


On 09/25/2021 12:44 AM 

Dear Mr. Hugh Akins:

I am requesting religious exemption from COVID-19 vaccination as mandated by my company for all employees by January of next year.  Attached is the Religious Accommodation Request Form provided by my employer to be submitted within 5 days of receipt of this request form.  I am seeking your advises as to what to write in the response sections to questions on the request form.  Especially important is questions 2 and 3.  I trust in your knowledge of the Catholic faith and your eloquent writing skills.  I appreciate if you would write your own responses to the questions so that I may have some ideas, based on the knowledge of catholic moral teachings, to edit my own responses to complete the request form in a convincing prose.  Thank you for your advises.

Sincerely in Christ,


Posted by Hugh Akins

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