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Catholic Traditionalists in Conflict

Catholic Traditionalists in Conflict

A Solution At Last to the SSPX Split?

It’s quite possible, if enough sincere souls begin storming Heaven with enough earnest prayers and get behind the broad circulation of this short exhortation.  Here is a simple yet practical and most prudent proposal submitted to the Society of St. Pius X leadership that I personally wholeheartedly applaud, endorse and encourage.

The following letter, posted on the pro-SSPX blogsite Ignis Ardens of June 2013 under the pen name of Fr. Michael Rua, has all the ingredients to successfully overcome the most unfortunate split within SSPX ranks – if the advice wisely given is dutifully taken.  Pray that the SSPX superiors responsible for the ongoing break-up will humbly admit to the errors of their foolish decisions and begin right now doing the right thing to bring an immediate end to the ever widening division – for the good of the SSPX, but more importantly for the whole Church.

Only its hierarchy can once again restore orthodoxy, order, unity and strength to the SSPX, just as only the Novus Ordo hierarchy can restore the same to the Universal Church.

Let each of us do our small part.  Start by getting the following letter into as many hands as possible.

Hugh Akins

Dear Bishop Fellay, Fr. Pfluger, Fr. Nely and all other superiors:

You have fallen from your former love and have been deceived by the Father of all lies who resides now in Rome.  Repent and recognize the height from which you have fallen and the sins which are committing while Rome degenerates and destroys the Faith.  The resistant priests are your allies and now our powers must unite to bring back the confidence of the faithful.  Hence we propose:

  1. That Bishop Fellay correct the false ecclesiological principle under which he has thrown the Society into confusion;
  1. That Menzigen apologize to those who warned the flock of the dangers of the modernist poison seeping into the Society;
  1. That the current SSPX leadership humbly remove themselves from all offices of note in order that the priests of the Society may elect a new slate without prejudice;
  1. Recall Bishop Williamson and offer him the deepest gratitude for his fidelity to the principles of Archbishop Lefebvre;
  1. That the faithful be offered a clear Scriptural and spiritual plan for their souls in the crucial days coming our way;
  1. A restoration of the priests of the resistance to their good name and a sincere apology for the manner in which they were treated;
  1. That a clear statement of the Society’s preservation of the Faith over any structure be issued to the world at large based on the principle that the salvation of the soul outweighs the entire world.

Respectfully submitted by Fr. Michael Rua, SDB

Posted by Hugh Akins

National Director, Catholic Action Resource Center

Founding President, League of Christ the King

Editor/Publisher, Oportet Christum Regnare

Active supporter of the SSPX Resistance

Post Office Box 678047 + Orlando, Florida 32867 USA