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Catholics as “Enemies of the State” ?

Catholics as “Enemies of the State” ?

The Day is Fast Approaching

In October of 2004, President Bush signed into law the Global Anti-Semitism Review Act, another dangerous, totalitarian measure, the main thrust of which was the creation of a special office within the State Department assigned with the task of monitoring anti-Semitism throughout the world.

Appointed to head the office is a man by the name of Gregg Rickman, another neocon Washington Insider.  A former Senate staff director and chairman of the Republican Jewish Coalition, Rickman had also played a major role in shaking down $2 billion from certain Swiss banks in the late 1990s.  A committed Zionist, as all neocons and their liberal counterparts are, working tirelessly against America’s best interests in order to serve the cause of International Jewry, as neocons and their Zionist masters always do, Rickman’s State Department office of global anti-Semitism issued two reports which establish the criteria for what constitutes an act of anti-Semitism according to federal guidelines.  The list is quite disturbing inasmuch as it is blatantly subversive and tyrannical, not to mention, more specifically, that it targets traditional Catholicism and therefore constitutes a particularly deadly form of religious persecution to come. 

Let us take a closer look.  In the letter and spirit of these two official State Department documents, anti-Semitism is, or is likely to be defined as:

  • Any references to the Jews being responsible for the Crucifixion of Christ, which references include the divinely inspired Sacred Scriptures as well as the traditional Good Friday liturgy;

  • Any insinuation that Jews, having rejected the true Messiah, are in need of conversion;

  • Any criticism of Israel or its leaders, no matter how vile and numerous the atrocities, war crimes, acts of inhumanity or acts of sheer hatred they’ve systematically committed;

  • Any denunciation of Judaism or its teachings or institutions, such as the Talmud and Kabbalah;

  • Any affirmation of the fact that Jews control the White House and the Congress, the mass media and the film industry, international business and world finance;

  • Any suggestion that U.S. foreign or domestic policies are controlled, manipulated or greatly influenced by the Jewish Power (AIPAC, for example – The American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee);

  • Any assertion that a Jewish-Zionist plot was behind 9/11, or is behind the War on Terror, or the emerging American Police State, or Globalism, or World Government, or the dawning New World Order;

  • Any hint of calling into question the gigantic hoax of the “six million,” a figure so utterly exaggerated that even a growing number of Jewish scholars have disparaged it;

  • Any talk of Israel being a racist or a terrorist state, or part of a vast criminal Zionist Conspiracy;

  • Any mention of atheistic Communism, predator capitalism or Satanic Freemasonry being  Jewish-Zionist creations or orchestrations …

That’s quite a list even if an incomplete one, the essence of which would be sufficient to prove the very existence of the supremacist fanaticism and diabolic designs the Jews and their political harlots in the American government and media would cover-up by crushing any and all potential resistance to it.  Here, in this joint Synagogue-State Department initiative to discredit, silence and ultimately obliterate the opposition, is the most effective means by which the Talmudic masterminds intend to criminalize Catholic faith, Catholic worship, and the Catholic worldview and world apostolate, especially that most holy apostolate aimed at the conversion of the Jews simultaneous with the reestablishment, over every people and nation, of the Sovereign Reign of Jesus Christ our King.   

E. Michael Jones comments: “The State Department criteria has serious implications for anyone alive today.  The most serious is that it turns many Jews, who have made many of the above claims in books and articles they have written, into anti-Semities.  But the State Department’s definitions have serious historical implications as well … [I]t seems clear that not just ordinary Catholics but Catholic popes and saints were guilty of anti-Semitism, according to the State Department’s criteria.  Numerous popes beginning with Gregory IX in 1238 have condemned the Talmud as a blasphemous assault on the person of Christ and the Christian faith and have urged Christians to confiscate and burn it … St. Peter, the first pope, claimed in the Acts of the Apostles that the Jews were responsible for the death of Christ.  By their promiscuous use of the term anti-Semitism, Rickman and his cohorts in the State Department have turned traditional Catholic teaching into a hate crime (“The Conversion of the Revolutionary Jew,” Culture Wars, October, 2006).

Our traditional Catholic faith – our holy, Roman, Catholic and apostolic faith – a hate crime?

What manner of madness is this?

It is precisely the madness that is embodied in the spirit of the age, the madness of the modern mind and world.

Perhaps now you can begin to see the gravity of the current situation: the consequence of the world’s dethronement of God and expulsion of Christ from our public and civil life; the bitter harvest of misery and ruin of the world’s apostasy from God.

Perhaps, too, you can more clearly see the great need for a book that exposes this absolute madness and the monstrous conspiracy behind it, a conspiracy of the Jews to demolish and obliterate our holy and divine faith, replacing it with a new creed and city and civilization based on the total and universal rejection of Christ.

In the absence of just such a book, I have undertaken to write Synagogue Rising, for the completion of which I now humbly beseech your generous help.  Progress on this project is moving forward at a good pace, but funding is seriously lacking.  Please help us if you have the means.  And even if you do not, your prayers alone will go a long way in quickening the book’s production. 

Imagine the darkness when the Light of the world is completely banished from His own domain.  We see many unsettling signs of this darkness everywhere around us already.  An even greater pestilence and tumult is yet to come.

The terrifying day is swiftly approaching when the mere profession of the Catholic religion will result in loyal Catholics being declared enemies of the state.  That is the real consequence of President Bush’s State Department initiative on behalf of his Zionist overlords.

Perhaps, also, you can now better understand why this writer, among a few others, has been insisting with such urgency on the dire need for Catholics – both clergy and laity working side-by-side – to unite as an army of Christ in defense of our faith, our families, our fatherland, and under the glorious banner of Catholic Action.  Nothing less than this unified defense – which the popes have long summoned us to – will suffice.  We have no right to remain idle, expecting a miracle to deliver us from the coming conflagration.  It doesn’t work that way.  God helps only those who help themselves.  Nor do we have the right to forge our own battleplan, independent of the Divine Plan mandated by the Magisterium.  Again I speak of Catholic Action.  Holy Mother Church has never tired of speaking of it.

Here is what Pope Pius XII said: “Today dikes are broken and evil rushes onward like a torrent which destroys cities and countryside and submerges beneath its unclean and disease-laden waters whole populations … To react openly and firmly against such evils is a primordial duty of … Catholic Action.”

And Pope Pius XI: “But for the solution of our present problem, all this effort is still inadequate.  When our country is in danger, everything not strictly necessary, everything not bearing directly on the urgent matter of unified defense, takes second place.  So we must act in today’s crisis.  Every other enterprise, however attractive and helpful, must yield before the vital need of protecting the very foundation of the Faith and of Christian civilization … The world will either be saved by Catholic Action, well directed and intensely applied, or it will be lost by an atheistic, tyrannical and false bolshevism.”

Another word for bolshevism, I need not tell you, is apostate Judaism – or Zionism. 

For these reasons therefore, my friends in Christ, it behooves you to assist in the publication of Synagogue Rising, by making a donation.  And once published, by giving it the strongest promotion and widest possible exposure and distribution – before it is too late.  A year from now a book such as this may not be legal in this country.  If you intend to help us, do it now.

I thank you in advance for whatever financial assistance you can lend us to expedite the production of this timely study.


Sincerely in Jesus our King and Mary our Queen,


Hugh Akins

Posted by Hugh Akins

National Director, Catholic Action Resource Center

Founding President, League of Christ the King

Editor/Publisher, Oportet Christum Regnare

Active supporter of the SSPX Resistance

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