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Fr. Ringrose’s Letter to Fr. Rostand Concerning Recent Unfavorable Developments in the SSPX

Fr. Ringrose’s Letter to Fr. Rostand Concerning Recent Unfavorable Developments in the SSPX

The following was read and distributed to parishioners at St. Athanasius Church in Vienna, VA, on Sunday, December 16th



November 9, 2012

Dear Father Rostand,

Thank you for your letter of October 12 in which you offer to meet to discuss the situation within the Society of St. Pius X. While this is a very kind offer on your part and I appreciate it very much, I don't think such a meeting will serve any meaningful purpose, since the problems stem from the Society's top leadership, and you are not in a position to change that.

It is true that I have been a strong supporter of the Society for many years. This support was based on the fact that my mission as a priest, and the Society's mission were one and the same, to help souls hold onto the Catholic faith during this time when it appears to have been abandoned by post Vatican II Rome.

Now I have to be more cautious and reserved in that support. I am alarmed that the Superior General would say that 95% of Vatican II is acceptable. I am astounded that the Society's leadership would respond to three of the Society's bishops by suggesting that they are making the errors of Vatican II into a "super-heresy." I am disappointed that the Society's response to Assisi III was so weak and anemic. I am saddened by the Society's unjust disciplining of priests who are following the example of Archbishop Lefebvre, and I am outraged at the treatment of Bishop Williamson -- not just his recent expulsion, but the shabby treatment he has gotten over the past few years.

Prior to this year, when asked about the Society by an inquiring parishioner, I always gave the Society a green light. Given the Society's recent actions, I do not yet give the Society a red light, but I do give a yellow light of caution. The red light will come if and when the Society allows herself to be absorbed into the Conciliar Church that Archbishop Lefebvre so vigorously resisted.

It is with great sadness that I write these words. There are many good, zealous, faithful priests within the Society's ranks. Many of them I know personally and admire. Many souls depend on them. It is out of love for the Society that I fear for her future. I fear that she is on a suicidal path. The leadership may think that a deal is off the table, but I fear that is not the thinking of Rome.

I pray for the Society to return to the mission given her by Archbishop Lefebvre without compromise or hedging. When she does, she will have my unreserved support.

May God bless you and Our Lady watch over you.

Fraternally yours,

Rev. Ronald J. Ringrose

Posted by Hugh Akins

National Director, Catholic Action Resource Center

Founding President, League of Christ the King

Editor/Publisher, Oportet Christum Regnare

Active supporter of the SSPX Resistance

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