SSPX and The Remnant - Now Under Strong Zionist Influence THAT THE SSPX AND THE REMNANT ARE NOW UNDER STRONG ZIONIST INFLUENCE CAN NO LONGER BE DENIED – Posted 12/12/12 by Hugh Akins One-time anti-Zionist Society of St. Pius X (when it was in the far more competent hands of Abp. Lefebvre, Bp. ..
Zionist Undermining of Christian Civilization H. Akins, T. Hollingsworth, Br. N. Kapner FROM HUGH AKINS I not only fully agree with what my friend Tim Hollingsworth says below, but Tim is saying exactly what I have been saying for a good many years concerning how Jews are behind the ent..
Usury: Error, Change or Development? by Fr. Gary Coulter It seems to be in vogue today to find ways to attack the Church, to look for cases in history where it is claimed the Church may have been mistaken in its judgments and teachings. In reality, many of these accusations are greatly tempere..
The Doctrine of Christ The Magisterium Against the Modern Errors By Hugh Akins   "Truth … cannot change from day to day,” Pius XII tells us (Humani Generis).  And Leo XIII adds this to the discussion: "The history of all past ages is witness that the Apostolic See ... has constantly adhe..
Modern Wars Forbidden Commentary as Preface Israeli Bloodbath in Gaza is no Anti-Terror Operation, but STATE TERRORISM UNLEASHED! by Hugh Akins President Bush has it all wrong.  William Kristol has it all wrong.  The truth about what is being called “one of the bloodiest Mideast clashes ..
Martial Law, USA! The Secret Societies have been planning this for a very long time.  Are we about to see the nightmare become reality? My Friends: Consider these two news bulletins of recent dispatch: Congressman Brad Sherman of California confirmed on the House floor last we..
Glen Beck, Zionist CALL HIM AN ISRAELI-FIRST ZIONIST and a DANGEROUS MOSSAD ASSET,  BUT PLEASE DON’T CALL GLENN BECK A MARTYR News of the firing of Fox superstar-icon Glenn Beck is being received by unthinking Catholics, Christians and patriots as the greatest moral outrage since 9/11.  “T..
Distributism Clarified Dear Friends: With this insert I hope to clarify my position on distributism.  In some of my writings – Yuma, for example, and No King But Caesar – what I have written on the subject may have left the door open  to  confusion, misunderstanding and, worst of all, to f..
Book Review : Americanism & the Anti-Christian Conspiracy This book can be purchased here. The ever intrepid Don Donoso Cortes once wrote that “Human order consists in the union of man with God, and this union cannot take place in our actual condition and in our actual state of separation, wit..
Angels and Men by Hugh Akins A short treatise, supported by Scriptural references, on the sublime mission of the Blessed Angels, and the ever-present menace of the Predator Angels We cried to the Lord, and the Lord heard our cries, and sent an angel … (Numbers 20:16)   Celesti..
Recommended Videos GAZA FIGHTS FOR FREEDOM ZIONIST TRUMP'S HORRIFIC PEACE PLAN Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord – A song sung by a blind kid US and Israel Behind ISIS Bishop Williamson - Synagogue Rising ISIS, the CIA and Israel Putin Wants Fatima, Pope Say No ! Mary, Did You ..
Pictures of Christ the Redeemer, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil..
Special Bulletin – Supplement to the Spring 2016 Issue (#9) of Oportet Christum Regnare WHY THE LEAGUE OF CHRIST THE KING FOUND IT NECESSARY TO SEVER OFFICIAL TIES WITH THE SSPX MARIAN CORPS “And we charge you, brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you withdraw yourselves fr..
“To this movement of ‘Resistance’ not many souls have yet rallied, the majority preferring some way of lesser resistance.  Among the brave few, the League of Christ the King, long-time lay auxiliary of the SSPX, and its quarterly magazine, Oportet Christum Regnare, have come forward in defense and s..
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