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The Great Pandemic Farce of 2020


     The truth of the matter is that all the fear, panic, empty shelves, government over-kill, Police State lockdowns, the house-arrest quarantines, mandatory masks,  social distancing, neighbors spying and snitching on neighbors, cops arresting fathers for playing ball with their children in an empty park, police entering homes to forcibly remove sick family members, the loss of millions of jobs and small businesses, the looming hyperinflation and long-term crippling of the economy, the multi-trillion dollar bailouts of Trump’s billionaire buddies of Wall Street, and the likely forthcoming forced vaccinations and micro-chip tracking implants and eventual door-to-door confiscation of home defense weapons, are not due to any virus strain which, science tells us, need not be any more deadly than the common cold or flu.  In fact the deaths from this virus are exactly on par with the seasonal flu. Such vile disruptions of our daily life are due to the deliberate political, medical and media scare tactics over a planned event that’s meant to corral the general population, like a herd of mindless cattle, into believing that some horrible pandemic was on the verge of annihilating practically all life on earth – unless we all do exactly what they tell us to do. 

      Throughout history, fear has been a powerful weapon of tyrants.  9/11 was a successful practice run, the War on Terror another complete farce.  Having totally gotten away with those earlier massive crimes against humanity and acts of treason, the Jewish Ruling Elite operating from the deepest, darkest shadows of power decided to take their criminal agenda aimed at establishing a One-World Tyranny to the next level. This is where the COVID-19/Coronavirus fake “pandemic” has come into play, the fear and hysteria over it absolutely unwarranted. 

      As we show in our survey of highlights of this supposed global threat, it’s a gigantic farce with little connection to reality, but which the people believe to be real, and therefore see a benevolent government as their only hope, and to whom we must be willing to surrender our liberties. What we should be fearful of, however, is the Big Government agenda behind this fake pandemic.  In short, the two-party Deep State is not only at war against our biological health and civil liberties, but more alarmingly against our Christian faith. This is the main reason they’ve shut down our churches and muzzled our pastors, as was done in other totalitarian regimes such as Soviet Russia.  It’s a trial run and only the beginning of a worse clampdown and persecution to come. 

     China is being blamed for this deadly viral unleashing, but more and more evidence is surfacing that the US and Israel are the more probable suspects

     These and many other vital points will be explored in the book now in your hands. – Hugh Akins.

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