Eleison Comments Vols. I-III Set

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“His Excellency Bishop Richard Williamson began his life’s work as a teacher, in Africa and then in his native England.  His earnest work in teaching his students facilitated his own learning, the search for truth leading him to the ultimate Truth of the Catholic Faith.  His commitment to good teaching became the path for his own spiritual illumination.  The necessity to teach the faithful defines to a large degree his Episcopal career; his devotion to the highest Truth and the promulgation of that Truth has put him at enmity with the revolutionary modern world…

“What other Bishop in the modern Church has communicated so often with the faithful, teaching them, encouraging them and warning them?  No wonder His Excellency is so despised by the world and the churchmen, churchmen who after the Second Vatican Council rushed out of their sanctuaries into the eager blistered embrace of the modern wasteland.  Those who will restore what has been temporarily lost will find these volumes [of Eleison Comments] invaluable.”                         

 – Dr. David Allen White

“…Bishop Williamson has been a defender of the integral Catholic way of life.  In a world darkened by sin and apostasy, he has not gone liberal to meet the world, but he has ever attempted to pull the world to God… In these moments the bishop’s voice and teachings especially were clear and enlightening for the cause of Truth.” 

Father Steven Webber

Vols. I-III

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