The Fear of The Jews

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The Fear of the Jews

      Following Father Chazal’s masterful exposition of the errors and dangers of sedevacantism, Contra Cekadum, 2019, comes this equally masterful short treatise, The Fear of the Jews, 2020, on the Jewish world ascendancy and the all-too widespread fear this fallen people has precipitated among the majority of non-Jews.  Catholics have certainly not been spared the paralyzing unease over this same intimidating menace. 

      “What a lamentable sight, year after year, writes Fr. Chazal, “…So many people bow and submit themselves before the Jewish elite which has so skillfully positioned itself for so long in the key areas of money and power.”

      Bishop Williamson, who penned the book’s Preface and Afterword, is right: “In a world dominated by Jews, Fr. Chazal has needed courage to tell their tale, however briefly, because he has wanted to tell the truth needed to help all souls [Jews included] to get to Heaven that do not want to fall into Hell” (Preface).

      Indeed, Fr. Chazal courageously speaks of such forbidden truths as the fabricated “genocide” of the Holocaust, as the real Jewish genocide of Palestine, and above all, of “the atrocious genocide of abortion,” which massive crime is predominantly a Jewish offensive, as is pornography, the media’s lies, Big Government socialism, usury, terrorism, war profiteering, genocide, etc.

      Here are some additional gems from the pages of The Fear of the Jews:


  • Pius XII, who favored the Jews, was not at all sympathetic towards Nazis during the Second World War.He saved many Jews from being deported.Never mind.In thanksgiving, the Yad Vashem memorial accuses him of having collaborated with the [alleged] Holocaust through his silence;
  • But with John XXIII, everything really changed to the extent that [with Vatican II] the Jewish lobby was always satisfied… Among other things, Pope John suppressed the mention of “Perfidious Jews”…
  • The text [the pre-Vatican II Good Fiday prayer for the Jews] filled the Conciliar Church with fear to such an extent that Benedict XVI did not authorize it for those he allowed to celebrate the traditional liturgy;
  • The new Conciliar attitude culminated in the 1964 decree Nostra Aetate on non-Christian religions;
  • It is the refusal of the Messiah and, in particular, His divinity, which, through Mishnah, results in the divinization of the Jewish people itself.The fall of Jerusalem led to a revolt against God, concluding this “Great Theological Replacement.God having [ostensibly] declared quits, it is the Jewish people who will be God, from now on;
  • And this power has a collective hypnotic dimension and generates collective beliefs, collective fears (insecurity, terrorism, fear of a virus) or collective desires (“sex, drugs and rock’n roll”).When we kindly ask someone: “How can two airplanes level three towers, World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2 and 7?”, there is silence;
  • The bigger the lie, the more likely the opportunity to con the masses.Here we are in another realm of ideas.It seems that a strange power is leaning on the collective conscience, not just on particular individuals;
  • In the end, we are led to a permanent enslavement of the mind, which is institutionalized and interiorized at the same time… it is endless…we have only begun to fear… unless we lay the axe at the root;
  • …And the Jews themselves can break free of their own straitjacket at any time; it is our most heartfelt wish as far as they are concerned.In the order of what is good, if the Jews had accepted the Messiah, they would probably be at the head of the Church as were the Apostles and the first Popes.


      And in a section subtitled “Remedies From Fear,” Fr. Chazal accuses, admonishes and exhorts,


  • The Jewish mentality is very suicidal, which is the ultimate consequence of narcissism;
  • The fear of the Jews is worldly.Pilate, who nonetheless disliked Jews, has to yield to them because they control the world.Let us stop being attached to this world, and we will stop being afraid;
  • …Is this not what we see in the hearts of practicing Catholics?Fear of the Jews is an excellent X-ray of hearts, determining the place the world, not God, occupies [take heed all ye weakened liberal, conservative and traditional Catholics who, from a totally disordered fear of the Jews, NEVER expose their enormous evils, NEVER warn their flock or readers of the enormous Jewish peril, and ALWAYS turn against fellow Catholics who, possessing the courage of their faith, stand firmly and publicly against the Elders of Zion, their Synagogue of Satan, their dawning Universal Satanic Republic, and all those political hacks (like Trump) who have sold their souls to this very Power From Hell];
  • God vomits the lukewarm.St. Bernadette [along with Bl. Pius IX] says that there is no worse enemy of the Catholic Church than bad Catholics…and bad Catholics have the same tendency as Jews: to think of themselves as the indefectible chosen people…
  • We do not heal a sociopath by yielding to him, but by…bringing to light the false or exaggerated character of his accusations, narcissism, and will to dominate.We must cut his appetite for lying and his desire to harm people by clearly showing him that we are calling his bluff…
  • Like a spoiled brat, lost in himself, he becomes hardly capable of living in society unless life itself puts him back in his place.This is what we offer Jews: be satisfied with your place.You are neither better nor more persecuted, and you are burdensome to us.Your whining does not interest us.You are not the worst, since fearing you is a greater evil.And may God bless you, as St. Stephen blessed you as stones were rained upon him.


From the Postface by His Excellency Bishop Richard Williamson: Meanwhile, Catholics must never scorn or hate them, but nor must they be under any illusion about them.  It is one thing to pray for my enemies that they may go to Heaven.  That is true charity.  But to pretend that they are my friends is sheer stupidity.  The very best thing that I can do for Jews is to be a good Catholic, because they need the one true Catholic religion of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as much as they attempt to destroy it.  Congratulations to Fr. Chazal for having no fear of them.  May this booklet be much read by Catholics and non-Catholics.  In a world of Jewish lies, nothing is so much needed as the fullness of Truth.  Broadstairs, UK, 15 April, 2020.

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