The Rosenthal Interview

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Shocking, disturbing, and vital to the defense of Christian Civilization!

Harold Wallace Rosenthal (November 2, 1947 - August 1, 1976) was a radically leftist senior administrative aide to socialist, Zionist and pro-Communist Senator Jacob K. Javits of New York when he was alleged to have been murdered in a Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) terrorist attack in Istanbul, Turkey, shortly after giving his now infamous interview.  No one is disputing that the killing took place at this precise time and place. However, according to John Rarick, an outstanding principled U.S. Congressman and one of the few American statesmen with the moral courage to publicly expose the ultra-powerful and treasonous Order of B’nai B’rith, there were good reasons to believe that Rosenthal’s death was the all-too familiar work of Mossad Israeli assassins posing as PLO terrorists. This young man had to be silenced, swiftly and permanently, by fellow racist nihilists for his most indiscreet and insolent outspokenness, betraying in this very interview too many dark secrets Synagogue Elders who sat at the top of the Pyramid of World Power did not want disclosed.

Rosenthal had also worked for the [subversive] Rockefeller Brothers Fund, a globalist [i.e. New World Order] "incubator" organization.  Previous to that, he worked for Hugh Carey, the 51st Governor of New York and also for Walter Mondale (later the 42nd Vice President of the United States).  It’s an irrefutable fact that, during his short life, Harold Rosenthal devoted himself with fanatical zeal to numerous men and causes all of which were committed to the evil work of undermining and enslaving Christian America, which he clearly hated. The originally recorded interview, herein transcribed and recapitulated, makes evident his hateful hardcore leanings and loyalties, and that of likeminded antichristian Jews.

Concerning Mr. Rosenthal’s brazen and alarming quote on the cover about Jews being the chosen people of their god Lucifer, it should be noted that he was not speaking for or of the majority of Jews, rather, instead, that very small cabal of likeminded extremists of the same bitter antichristian orientation as he. They, like he, unquestionably fit that most unholy description. – The Publisher.  

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