The Holocaust - A Catholic Inquiry

  • The Holocaust - A Catholic Inquiry
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Answering the absurd claim of certain Catholics that Exposing this Jewish Myth that Supplants the Sacrifice of the Cross on Calvary “is NOT our fight.”

In the present book we introduce and examine several key aspects of that vast body of evidence that refutes the colossal myth and massive criminal hoax of what has become known as the Holocaust. The fact that the huge compendium of that solid and readily available information is universally discredited, censored and ignored rather than debated in honest public forums, does nothing to lessen its efficacy as incontrovertible truth.

It is largely due to the Holocaust Big Lie that modern nations, once Christian, and the Catholic Church, once the world’s bastion of faith and counterrevolutionary militancy, are now forbidden to speak of or take action against any of Talmudic Jewry’s enormous and unparalleled crimes against the Lord God and against humanity.

Ripping the mask off the so-called Holocaust, therefore, is an urgent  moral duty we cannot afford to keep avoiding.  But by doing so, it should not be thought that we are denying or minimizing the very real and extensive suffering and loss of the Jewish people during WWII.  It goes without saying that this was a terrible human tragedy, as were the far more horrible atrocities against a great number of other innocents, including and perhaps especially against the German and Japanese peoples, seconded only by the diabolic offensives against Catholics and Christians. What is herein denounced and proven false, then, is what a criminal Jewish Elite has managed to indoctrinate the entire planet on, seducing all of mankind under the grand pretext of an alleged genocide of Jews, namely, precisely, those bogus claims of Six Million mostly gassed Jews in Nazi death camps by a supposed pogrom aimed at exterminating European Jewry in its entirety.

Each one of these arguments, based on lies and devoid of any real evidence (propaganda, emotion and hysteria eradicating concrete facts), cannot withstand the many solid proofs to the contrary, as we demonstrate in this treatise.   The current book offers a condensed overview of this global deception and its impact on both the Catholic Church and the world at large.

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