Donald Trump, America’s Last Conservative Hope or Ultra-Zionist Psychopath?

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You need to know the REAL Donald Trump, the man most Catholics, Christians, pro-lifers and patriots will BLINDLY vote for – thereby EMPOWERING the very Empire of Evil they THINK they are combating

Admittedly if the Democrats win in Nov., 2020 it will be a national disaster.  But what of a second term for Donald Trump?  Of course the Left is destroying America and warring against Christianity and the common good, but so is much of the Right, and getting away with imposing more totalitarian tyranny than the liberals could ever get away with – the status quo Big Government socialists masquerading as conservatives; men such as Presidents George W. Bush and Donald Trump being two of the worst offenders EVER !

The paramount questions are these: can a politician sincerely believe that all human life is sacred, as Trump sanctimoniously proclaims, at the same time his extremely aggressive foreign policies, dictated by bloody Israel, are bringing unprecedented terrorism, war, death, destruction and human suffering all over the world – some 10-15 million right now facing famine in Yemen (Christians among them) thanks in great part to Trump’s strategic support of Saudi Arabia – and which bellicose policies could well result in unleashing upon mankind a cataclysmic nuclear Third World War?  Can such a man be truly pro-life at the same time a pathologically aggressive Zionist – at home (Police State Totalitarian Lockdown over a fake pandemic) and abroad (endless wars for Israel who are the real terrorists in the Middle East) – all in accordance with the demonic directives of the historically authentic Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

The answer to such burning questions is found within these pages.  

Here is the REAL Donald Trump; the man you have not been permitted to know; the Establishment Republican and serial Judaizer whose massive war crimes even the most respected leaders of both American Conservatism and the Traditional Catholic Movement are deceptively covering up;  Here, in this bold new book, Trump’s extensive history with organized crime (especially the Jewish Mafia whose criminal network extends from Moscow to Tel Aviv to New York City to Washington, DC); his absolute subservience to the Wall Street Oligarchy; his many broken campaign promises and unbroken continuity with most of his liberal predecessors’ most ruinous far-left policies; his total embodiment of the Judeo-Masonic Deep State which, unbeknownst to most,  consists of both a Left and a Right Wing; his brazen anti-conservative socialist bent, outspending the socialist spendthrift Obama; his Israel-first handlers, Adelson, Kushner and Netanyahu; his war against Christ the King and the common good by what amounts to the escalated communization of America – all according to the Secret Sect at the top of the Pyramid of World Power and their Synagogue of Satan, to whom Trump has long ago sold his soul.  Sacred Scripture warns Trump supporters: Woe unto them that call evil good!

Many of the proofs, too long buried by conservatives and liberals alike, have been resurrected by the author and recorded in this book.

The bottom line: no matter who wins the election of 2020, the victory will go to the Overlords of the Antichristian Conspiracy, as it has for well over a century.  But even as the apocalyptic storm approaching gains more and more momentum, the author gives readers ample reason for Christian hope.

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