Eternal Hell

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Fatima, July 13th, 1917

The Blessed Virgin opened her hands like in the preceding months. The ray of projected light seemed to penetrate the ground and we saw like a great sea of fire.

In it the devils were plunged with souls resembling transparent and black or tanned embers in human form.

They were floating in the conflagration, carried by flames coming from all sides, like sparks of great fires, without weight nor balance, in the midst of horrible cries and horrible shoutings of pain and despair, which made us shiver and tremble with horror. […]

The devils were distinguished by horrible and repugnant forms of hideous and unknown beasts, like black embers, both ablaze and transparent.

That vision lasted only one instant, and we must thank our Mother of Heaven who had prepared us in advance, promising us to take us with Her in Heaven; otherwise we would have died of terror and fright.

“A reading and deep reflection of the book Eternal Hell by Fr. Chazal has the power to enlighten minds and transform souls with the same holy efficacy of an Ignatian Retreat.  Yes, it contains that much worldly detoxification and spiritual rejuvenation, i.e., that many life-altering gems of Catholic truth, within its pages.  It’s a spiritual masterpiece we would want to place in the hands of as many Catholics and Christians that we can reach – especially those nearest and dearest to us.  There is no greater or more urgent work of mercy than to help redirect as many souls as we are able away from Hell and towards Heaven, with this potent new missionary tool.” –  Hugh Akins, Publisher

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