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The official explanation of recent developments between Rome and the Society of St. Pius X (which has brought the SSPX for all intents and purposes to a practical recognition by the Vatican in every way except on paper), is that the ultra-liberal Pope Francis -- precisely because he is so liberal, rather than being anti-traditional, so the story goes -- has, of his great munificence and concern for those "on the periphery" of the Church, extended multiple concessions, rights, privileges, and jurisdiction to the SSPX unilaterally and without any demands for reciprocity or compromise on the part of the Society. For its part, the SSPX has sold that narrative to its own clergy and faithful, and argued that it has not deviated from the positions of Archbishop Lefebvre, or made one single compromise in pursuit of a canonical recognition from Rome.

This book by Sean Johnson, however, tells quite a different story: Relying primarily upon approved and extensively documented SSPX sources, the author makes a convicing argument for a unified, drastic and comprehensive change in SSPX policies and principles, which have won these concessions from Rome precisely because it has departed from the positions of Archbishop Lefebvre; that it is no longer a matter of (as Bishop Fellay once said) Rome accepting us "as we are," but rather, "as the SSPX has become".  398 pages. Paperback. 


  "The book which you have in your hands is a useful collection of documents and quotes to prove how the Society of St. Pius X has changed from what it once was under Archbishop Lefebvre to what it has become under the Archbishop's successors at the head of the Society."  

- Bishop Richard Williamson

"Mr. Johnson's book will help Catholics understand how Archbishop Lefebvre's positions have been corrupted by his successors: 'because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. Therefore, God shall send them the operation of error, to believe lying.'"  

- Bishop Gerardo Zendejas  

"Sean Johnson's catalog puts the lie to those who say nothing is happening. The sell-out is documented here for all who want to know. All priests in the SSPX and all of the faithful assisting at Mass in SSPX chapels and all the religious affiliated with the SSPX should read this catalog."  

- Fr. Edward MacDonald  

"I urge anyone still attending the SSPX to take an afternoon to slowly make it through the book . Some posts are more important than others and some may be argued. However, when taken as a whole, any honest thinking person who has attended the SSPX for more than ten years will have to admit that there has been a drastic change in policy."  

- Traditional Catholic Musings  

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