Jews In the Inner Circles of Freemasonry

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Jews In the Inner Circles of Freemasonry was taken from Father Edward Cahill’s invaluable 1930 treatise Freemasonry and the Antichristian Movement.  Jesuit Father Cahill was the eminent founder of the League of the Kingship of Christ in Dublin 1926 and a close associate of the “immortal” Father Denis Fahey. In this much condensed edition of his lengthier study, Cahill goes right to the heart and soul of Antichristian Masonry.  Unlike all the other so-called “experts” on the Masonic Sect, Cahill unmasks the Jews reigning at the Craft’s highest echelons and innermost circles of power, revealing the oneness of Freemasons everywhere, in the U.S. no less than its European counterpart; asserting that B’nai B’rith dominates Freemasonry; the “startling accuracy” of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion; that organized Jewry was behind the bloody antichristian revolutions of the 18th and 19th centuries, as too behind liberalism, secular democracy, and all the other modern errors; the strong Papal condemnations of the Sect; the Masonic agenda carried out through the Jewish Money Power – and much more.

Fr. Cahill calls upon a former member of the Masonic Council of the Grand Orient, who later converted to the Catholic Faith, to summarize a fact that makes this study so vital to the Defense of the Catholic Church, to its Social Doctrine, Christian State, and Militant Counterrevolution.  “It was the Jews that introduced Freemasonry into the United States of America, and the Jews have always been a powerful influence in the American Masonic organization… The Jewish Kabbalah rules as mistress in the inner lodges; and the Jewish spirit dominates the lower grades… In the mind of Satan the synagogue has an all-important part to play… The great enemy counts on the Jews to govern Masonry as he counts on Masonry to destroy the Church of Jesus Christ. – M. Doinel quoting L’Abbe Emmanuel Barbier.

Another excerpt from the book reveals: “In reality, Freemasonry has only one central secret, which is the pivot of the whole Masonic system, and which cannot be openly proclaimed to its dupes whether within the Sect or without.  ‘Freemasonry is Satan’s army on earth; it is in a certain sense Satan himself – the Adversary of God and of the children of God.  It is revolt personified, the irreverent impious revolt that blasphemes against God… That is its secret, which is the foundation of all its symbolism in the high grades as well as in the low.’

“Need anything more be said to encourage a reading of this book?  Let all good soldiers of Christ arm themselves with copies of Jews in the Inner Circles of Freemasonry, and then actively help spread the word about this potent expose’ by word of mouth, by circulating its promotional literature, by promoting it on blogsites, or by recommending or linking our website (  It’s every Catholic’s duty to sound the alert about this most lethal of modern evils.” – Hugh Akins, founding president, the League of Christ the King. 


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