Letters from the Rector, Book 2

  • Letters from the Rector, Book 2
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This second of four volumes in the Letters from the Rector series includes 67 of Bishop Williamson’s letters, numbering 63 through 130, penned between August 1, 1988, and August 12, 1994, while the (then relatively new) Bishop led the seminary (also then newly relocated) in Winona. These letters branch out from dealing with just intra-Society of St. Pius X affairs, and the circumstances of its relationship with Rome, to deal with some of His Excellency’s favorite points of controversy as well as the historical events of the period, such as the establishment of Ecclesia Dei, Gulf War I, the “fallout” from the 1988 Episcopal consecrations, the deaths of Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop De Castro Mayer, and – toward the end of the volume – the election of Bishop Fellay as superior general of the Society, whom has shown himself in time to be not only less than adequate to the task but too willing to appease the enemy and kowtow before them, which resulted in his clash with the ever intrepid Bishop Williamson.

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