On the Papacy, Jews and Masons

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    On the Papacy, Jews and Masons
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On the Papacy, Jews and Masons


Msgr. Ernest Jouin Summary, 1939


“Judeo-Masonry in the service of World Jewry and the Church in the hands of Peter’s successor: those two powers are at war…Let us…remain united in prayer and action for the conversion of Masons and Jews.  Let us be united in our efforts to respond to the voice of the Sovereign Pontiffs, in order to destroy, inasmuch as lies in our possibilities, the Judeo-Masonic Sect.  When will this be done?  In God’s own hour…What can be done against this world power?  Everything!”  So speaks the great Msgr. Jouin in echoing the Church, which he so well served in directing much of his energy and spiritual prowess to combating the Synagogue of Satan.

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