The Plot Against the Church

  • The Plot Against the Church
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The Plot Against the Church

Maurice Pinay

1961-62 in manuscript form, 1967 first published edition

A comprehensive review of Talmudic fanaticism as it was directed at sabotaging the Catholic Church on the occasion of the Second Vatican Council. Originally written as a warning to cardinals and bishops of the plot to poison Catholic doctrine with Communist and Zionist errors at the coming World Synod in Rome. Contains four parts: The Secret Driving Force of Communism, The Power Concealed Behind Freemasonry, The Synagogue of Satan, and The Jewish Fifth Column in the Clergy. Here is what the author said in the days leading up to Vatican II: “A most dastardly conspiracy is in being against the Church. Its enemies are about to destroy its most sacred traditions and to propose such daring and malevolent reforms…to bring about the collapse of the world and to deliver Holy Church into the claws of the ‘Synagogue of Satan’…”

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