Oportet Christum Regnare - Issue 13 - Spring 2017

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Oportet Christum Regnare - Issue 13 - Spring 2017

Bp. Gerardo Zendejas is consecrated 4th Resistance Bishop – 4 bishops consecrate Russia to Immaculate Heart – Fr. Chazal on Mary, the whole reason for our hope – Pope Francis names 2 rabbis to Pontifical academy of life – Holy Father prefers profane/irreverent New Mass to sacred and venerable Old Mass – Bloody sacrilege on Pope’s hands – Leo XIII’s terrifying vision of demonic onslaught “because of Russia” – Sean Johnson on Resistance rising, uprising in SSPX French district – Samuel Loeman on where the Resistance has gone bad: “Greg Taylor once again shows lack of Journalistic Integrity” – Pius XII on Mary Immaculate, strong against the enemy and inspiration behind all Catholic Action – Bp. Fellay’s threefold denial of Christ – Fr. Nitoglia on SSPX’s unnoticed theological shift – Our lady of Akita, shedding tears and delivering another powerful message from heaven – The Catholic Church and the Confederacy – Trump’s war crimes, using chemical weapons on Iraqi and Syrian civilians – Zionist Congress itching to start war with Russia – Pres. In-Law Kuschner’s NYC Building 666 – Prominent Jew says Jews shouldn’t apologize for their power – War Zone America: the militarization of local police – Catholicism the secret target of Atomic Bombs over Japan – Obama still fueling race hatred/race war – Ron Paul says “no” to socialized medicine – Rosary casts out demon from public school – Holocaust Myth beginning to break apart.

Oportet Christum Regnare

 …every issue of which is filled to capacity with information that is vital to keeping the

Faith and keeping alive the Fight for the Faith.”  – Bishop Richard Williamson, 2016


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Joining forces and wielding this powerful new weapon of Catholic Truth and Catholic Combat, let us put forth our bravest effort to reclaim the SSPX , Holy Church, America and the world – for Christ the King.

League of Christ the King

Canonically commissioned Catholic Action auxiliary of the SSPX Resistance

Father Francois Chazal, League Chaplain

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