Oportet Christum Regnare - Issue 9 - Spring 2016

  • Oportet Christum Regnare - Issue 9 - Spring 2016
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Oportet Christum Regnare - Issue 9 - Spring 2016

Bps. Williamson and Faure consecrate Bishop Thomas Aquinas – The wisdom and fighting spirit of the new Bishop – Father Chazal defends Bishop Williamson, shows radical difference between him and Bp. Fellay, cites political courage of both Bp. Williamson and Abp. Lefebvre – Father Rioult’s The Impossible Reconciliation back in print – Excerpts from the book – Fr. Chazal says the Resistance need not be a house divided – Bp. Thomas Aquinas on the possibility of Eucharistic miracles in Novus Ordo church – Fr. Rioult on neo-SSPX too long in mortal sin – America’s race war just beginning – Increasingly brutal Police State, USA – Cashless society coming soon – Avigdor Lieberman, another madman rises to power in Israel – Zionist crime lord Sheldon Adelson endorses fellow Zionist Donald Trump for pres. – ISIS camps discovered 8 miles outside US/Mexican border – George Soros, Zionist Darth Vader of World Revolution – Jewish-Masonic Power Elite pulling White House strings – Vatican says we have a mission to convert Muslims BUT NOT JEWS! – US warmongers have much to learn from Putin the peacemaker – 80+% of Syrian Christians support Assad, says Syrian bishop – Report finds 40.8 million people displaced in 2015 – UN says teaching Christianity in school is a human rights violation – Persecution of Christians reaches new high – Transgenders now allowed to openly serve in the military – Currency collapse alert – Juan Macias, last of the Cristeros – St. Bernard’s call to arms

Oportet Christum Regnare

 …every issue of which is filled to capacity with information that is vital to keeping the

Faith and keeping alive the Fight for the Faith.”  – Bishop Richard Williamson, 2016


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Joining forces and wielding this powerful new weapon of Catholic Truth and Catholic Combat, let us put forth our bravest effort to reclaim the SSPX , Holy Church, America and the world – for Christ the King.

League of Christ the King

Canonically commissioned Catholic Action auxiliary of the SSPX Resistance

Father Francois Chazal, League Chaplain

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